Witney Pistol Club Bisley Bookings 2020

Booking Date    Time                     Range                        Distance                  Ref

18/06/2023            AM                  Short Siberia                 200Yds*              RB165663  

16/07/2023            AM                  Short Siberia                  100Yrds*            RB165664

20/08/2023           AM                  Century                           200Yrds*/***      RB168860   

17/09/2023            AM                  Short Siberia                  100Yrds*            RB165666

15/10/2023             AM                  Short Siberia                  200Yrds**          RB165667

19/11/2023              AM                  Short Siberia                  100Yrds*            RB165668



*** Note may need to request marker for this distance***

****Possibly McQueens Targets****

*****Subject to Advance Response from Attendees, cost to be advised*****

Witney Pistol Club Clothing

A Selection of garments can be ordered depending on the demand, the minimum order is usually ten, speak to any committee member for details.

We currently have Pin Badges, cloth patches, Baseball caps & Tee Shirts featuring the club's logo.

Patches £5                                                    Caps £10                                     Badges £2.50

Tee Shirts £10