The Witney Pistol club mainly uses the "Witney Projectile Range" located at the West Witney Sports Ground, Burford Road, Witney, Oxfordshire.


The club also shoots at Bisley with full-bore rifles, at the Short Siberia 100, 200 and Century 300yd ranges on the third Sunday in the month throughout the year.


The Witney Range is 20 meter shooting mostly at NRSA PL3 targets. The club "does not use" targets that depict the human form.

Firearms Used

The Witney Pistol club owns and uses pistol calibre carbines, .22 RF rifles, air pistols and air rifles, which are available for new and established members to shoot.

Established members bring their own firearms which can include long barrelled revolvers, long barrelled pistols and rifles. "These may only be handled or used with the owners permission".

Air rifles and pistols are also used at the range and are subject to the same safety procedures as firearms.

"The Witney Pistol clubs objective is to provide instruction and practice in the safe use of the pistol and the rifle".

The Witney Pistol clubs ethos is to provide a safe environment in which to practice and enjoy the sport of target shooting and to teach newcomers as well as reminding established shooters that the safety and well-being of others is paramount.

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