Witney Pistol Club 20yds 2016/17

Bisley Short Siberia 100yds August 2018

Witney Pistol Club Gallery


Please find a selection of images which include some of our WPC members target shooting at the Witney Projectile Range and at the National Rifle Association Ranges at Bisley.

Bisley Short Siberia 200yds May 2018

Brown Bess Carbine 0
Black Powder Pistol 1
Black Powder Pistol 2
Brown Bess 1
Brown Bess Carbine 1
Brown Bess Carbine 2
Brown Bess Carbine 3

Witney Pistol Club Black Powder May 2019

Bisley Short Siberia 200yds June 2018


Witney Pistol Club Bisley August 2022

Bisley Century 600yds July 2018

Black Powder Pistol 0
Brown Bess
357 Magnum Taurus 1
357 Magnum Taurus 0
22 M1 Carbine
Air Rifle

Witney Pistol Club 20yds May 2019