Joining Witney Pistol Club

Interested and want to find out about target shooting, contact the club's secretary via the mail link on the Home page and arrange a visit. "Please do not turn up at the range without prior permission".

During your first session, you'll see what we do and will recieve instructions about safety and safe shooting procedures, you'll also recieve a copy of the club rules and an application form.


The application form will need completing, together with TWO passport photographs of yourself in order to join.

At your second visit to the club you will be given the chance to shoot under instruction at a target,  and you may be granted a provisonal membership.

The minimum period of provisonal membership is three months but this is dependant on

a) Your attention to the safety rules,

b) Your frequency of attendance,

c) Your behaviour at the range.

Provisional members may only enter the range with an instructor and may not handle firearms or ammunition without direct supervision.

The minimum age is 11 for membership of the club. All prospective members will be required to behave in a suitably sensible way and to be able to hold a light rifle safely. Please note that if you are under the age of 17, you cannot carry your own air rifle or pistol to or from the range, although an adult may carry it for you.

All applicants under 18 year of age will have to obtain the permission of and attend with a parent or gaurdian. "Please note members of our committee hold current club funded DBS certificates".

Witney Pistol Club Membership & Range Fees


You will pay £3.00 for the first 6 weeks, after that £2 per visit.


Membership is £70 per year.


Membership for Senior citizens is £40 per year.


Family membership (all living at the same address) is £105 per year.


Junior membership (under 18 years) is £15 per year.


All memberships includes 3rd party liability insurance cover.


Membership is renewable in March of each year. Members who join after pay on a pro rata basis until renewal.


The range fee for full members is £2.00 during the week and £3.00 on Sundays.


The range fee for Bisley is £15, with an additional fee for moderator use.


Witney Pistol Club Opening Times


Shooting takes place on Wednesday evenings (7pm to 10pm), Friday evenings (7pm to 10pm) and Sunday evenings (6pm to 9pm)


The main shooting evening is Wednesday, provisional members may attend on Wednesdays only with supervision.


Sunday shooting is strictly for full members only.